Friday, November 11, 2011

Vanity vs Practicality

I'm going to walk under the hot sun more often these days.

Walking into the site exposed to natural sunlight before 10am (I'm told it's acceptable and that's when you get Vitamin D) is good for you but after that, you can get skin cancer!! And of course a dark tan, skin aging and other skin problems which everyone loathe.

Was thinking, should I get farmer's hat to protect my skin? Vanity?

Wonder what the rest will comment when I walk around as if I'm going to the beach. ;)

Then I saw this... it looks like I can easily fold/ carry around. Simple and practical straw hat? The Koreans are always designing cutesy stuff like this.

Then I can also put over my safety helmet. Lol. Will I'll look like the typical construction workers then? Perhaps I should choose pink or purple that will make me stand out and look different. Lol

What say you? Don't care and walk in the sun (suffer the effects years later) or in the name of vanity/health, put on the hat like this? ;)

Besides the physical barrier with a sun protection/ hat, what about sunscreen/ sunblock?  I only put in the morning before I go to work and I don't reapply later. Does it mean by mid-noon I need to reapply? Think my other consultants would be rolling their eyes if I did that... hahaha

Well, in the meantime, I should just walk in ANY shade I can find... ;)
 Don't want to have those dark pigmentation spots which even laser cannot remove but only lighten it. I have enough skin problems for the past 3 decades....

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