Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Dressing Up Your Nails

I used to keep my nails short because I play the piano. Plus, goody-two-shoes me always followed the rules (school rules) and my feminine hormones haven't kicked in to get me interested to keep them long. Plus the fact, I thought my nails didn't grew straight enough to be painted on and skin around my nails used to peel.

Thank God, those two worries seemed irrelevant now and belatedly, I wanted to try to dress up my nails especially with all those nail art, bling-bling, konad stencils, etc. Tried manicure twice but was worried about scratching the nail polish (which usually happens in hardly an hour) and so, I only choose neutral pinkish natural colours. Maybe I should be more daring and just try them out since promotion sites like groupons happen to have cheap promo on manicures.

Anyhow, here is my collection of nail polish to jump start my new interest:

1. Rimmel nail polish from the Cut Above launch.
At first I thought when will I daringly colour my nails so dark.. but with the quirky cute patterns to draw, that'll be different.

2. Little Romantics set from OPI.
I always thought french manicure was simple and neat. Hence, when I saw this little set from OPI, I decided to give it a try. I managed to get from a seller in lowyat at 30% cheaper than Sasa... yipee! :)

3. Face Shop Nail Polish
At RM5.90 each, I thought it's no harm to give it a try. Got a simple pink coloured one (I know, still playing safe) and an upper coat with glitter. Lol

Told mum I wanted some nail polish and these are what she got from me from Aussie.

4. Revlon Nouveau Nail Polish.

5. Rubi shoes Nail Polish
Says that it's 1 AUD! Sounds like a steal to me.
*Note: Will add in the details of each nail polish later and share my DIY manicure next time! ;)

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