Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogging woes

I started blogging to vent out my frustrations and also creativity juice. I love writing... used to dream of being a novelist and even wrote an adventure book in my primary 5... alas.. not finished but loved to read through eat and laugh at my creativity juices then.

Hence, blogging allows me and every other person to share their own opinions and views very easily to a large target of group.

However, when I write, I love to attach with some pictures and here comes my problem.

I take picture with whatever I have; handphone, camera, ipad, etc. So I get lazy and annoyed with having to synchronise my photos with Itunes. Sigh..  In the end, I have so many ideas to blog about albeit without the pictures shelved aside... for.. some time.. and I hope not shelved away forever. Lol

Was thinking perhaps I should finally invest in a good camera for myself but with the wide array out there and not enough parameters from me yet, what would I get?

Olympus PEN-EP3?
Reading the reviews - seems pricey for a compact dslr.. might as well get a dslr for that price.

Sony NEX5N?
Don't quite like the feel of it when I hold it... how??

Or just get a compact camera with a little higher specs?

Or just maintain with my Iphone 3G? (Miss my Sony Erricson!!)

Oh well, let me dwell and think about it till I find one that catches my fancy... ;)

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