Friday, November 04, 2011

Girls being girls..

Girls being girls.. love looking pretty and of course, pretty little things. Don't you?

I guess I'm going into another cycle again and am getting interested again with makeup. As I read some reviews online on beauty products and look at FOTD (face of the day) by other bloggers. It makes me wonder; can I play dress up and practice my makeup too. Perhaps, that'll give me confidence too?

Lol... the last time I went full blast into makeup, my skin had an outbreaks of comodones which was horrible.. took me 2 years ? or less to clear those blemish and bumps on my face. Perhaps it was bad cleansing or most likely the stress from studies, but I have a little phobia with putting foundation on my face nowadays.

Well... meanwhile I've placed some "orders" with my parents in Australia to get me some Face of Australia products that I've been reading online by beauty bloggers in Australia.

Should I or shouldn't I start experimenting again?

I personally think, ladies should practise and improve their added advantage from men. Ladies should dress selectively to enhance certain feature when necessary and look pretty and pleasant all the time. People will like to deal with a sweet pretty smiling lady, right?

Like watching this smiling Korean actress in the new drama series now, Glory Jane

After all, men is said to have the brawn and strength. Women have their beauty. We should use all the gifts from God in our physical form too. But not too extreme- mind you.. ;)

Hence, this is a checklist of makeup I wish to try and master it:
1. Eyeliner ..... (liquid!! Lol)
2. Day eye makeup which is not blue. Maybe try the neutral warm tones without looking like a black eye.
3. False eyelashes
4. Manicure - technically not make-up but I think with the beautiful nail art around, I should at least give a basic polish to my nails, right?

Wish me luck! ;)

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