Thursday, September 15, 2011

Approaching the next decade...

As the clock ticks, my age creeps nearer to a new decade. Last year, I wanted to celebrate the end of this decade by having an all-girls getaway but it didn't happen. Instead, I have a little trip and a cosy dinner with close friends.

This makes me need to list out my" accomplishment" or "new experiences I've tried" in my last year of my 20's. I always write down the new experiences I've done in my diary (a reflection of the year before) for years already. Here is my humble list.

1. Joined a bride's race. Lol.... I appeared a few seconds in a video clip online. Was short by few minutes for third place due to the challenge.

2. Got proposed.

3. Finally permed my hair. The wavy type right at the end.

4. Joined some architectural competitions.

5. Won myself an Ipad2.

I've been wanting to blog about all these but been "workaholic". So homework for this long weekend due to Malaysia Day and my new-decade day - blog about my past events and highlight the goodies my beloved friends, family got me to celebrate my birthday

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