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Makeup Lifespan: What salesgirl never tell you

Seriously, I never knew makeup have specific lifespan till a few years back. For someone who seldom uses makeup, the makeup usually is left in the makeup bag for years. Hence, I seriously feel I should share this information or reminder to myself.

1. Makeup Lifespan Symbol
Did you know that there is a little symbol on the packaging which shows a little container with e.g. "12M" on your makeup? The "M" symbolises the months of the makeup lifespan after it is opened.

2. Recommended Makeup Lifespan
I've summarised some recommended lifespan from online sources. My opinions are highlighted in blue. Warning signs of "to toss the makeup" is highlighted in red.

MakeupToss it...
Shelf life: 1 year. Once opened the shelf life decreases to 4 months.
Life span: Typical everyday use for approximately 1-2 months
Once mascara is exposed to air the product will begin to dry. Pumping the brush back-and-forth into mascara container can also reduce the life span
(I don't follow this because I seldom use mascara as it will make my eyelashes too long and hit my glasses. I only use them when I wear contacts for events... sigh. On another note, I'm told if you wash off the ones you don't use, you can keep it to brush your eyelashes)
Warning signs = Change in odor, texture, or color
Shelf life: 2 years
Life span: Water-based liquid foundation typically last for 3-6 months with everyday use while oil-based foundation can last longer; approximately 6-9 months.
(I wonder what about BB cream and those all-in-one foundation? I guess one year would be your safest bet)
Warning signs = thickening, altered color, or change in odor
Shelf life: 2 years.
Life span: Typically lasts for 2 months with everyday use.
Once oil visibly separates from product indicates that a product is starting to age.
(I rarely use concealer not because I have no scars or blemishes but am too lazy for this step. Lol. Unless it's a stick.)
Warning signs = color change or thickening
Shelf life: 2 years for press powder and 2-5 years for loose powder.
Life span: Both typically last for 3-6 months with everyday use.
With powders, do not blot your face with the same sponge you use to remove oil from your face; the powder will harden when the sponge is placed back into the compact and the life span will be dramatically cut. Wash a used sponge with shampoo after 1-2 weeks and toss if the sponge gets too soiled.
(I don't use powder... maybe I should start using? ;p)
Warning signs = texture change when applying, dryness or change in color
Shelf life: 2 years
Life span: When it comes to blush, you can keep it up to two years because of its powder form. Using cream blush, you can keep it tops for one year. Assuming you are using your fingers to apply, this will cause acceleration in bacteria building.
Now you know the lifespan, how do you tell then if your make-up is off? Simple, in three (I always use this and find that it is important to wash the makeup brushes weekly to avoid contamination to your blush.)
Warning signs = texture change when applying, dryness or change in color
Eye shadow
Shelf life: 2-5 Years
Life span: Typical everyday use for eye shadow is 9-12 months.
Warning signs = texture change when applying, dryness or change in color
Shelf life: 2 years
Life span: Full-size pencil eye liners with typical everyday use 3-6 months; this is also dependent on sharpening. Retractable eye liners can last up to 9 months.
Liquid eyeliner is very much like mascara so watch out for the same telltale sign. The longest shelf life liquid eyeliners have is roughly six months. Maintain its lifespan by avoiding direct sunlight exposure or keeping its lid open for a long time.Because the eye is such a sensitive place, using expired make-up can bring about many problems and damages
Warning signs = Change in odor, texture, or color
 Lipstick / lip gloss
Shelf life: Up to 4 Years.
Life span: Typical everyday use for 6-12months
A good lip product can last up to two years. But don't expect the colour to remain the same. It won't look as fresh on your lips as it was the first day you bought it. Also, the amount of water in a lipstick and lip gloss make it ideal for both to become breeding grounds. And like the mascara, don't pump air into your lip gloss as this will promote bacteria breeding
Warning signs = If the lipstick ages and has a rancid smell or odd odor, toss it.
Lip liner
Shelf life: Similar to eye Liner, 2 years.
Life span: Typical everyday use will last up to 3-6 months depending on whether you use lip pencils to only line the lips, or to line the lips and fill in color
Warning signs = Change in odor, texture, or color
Wash twice or once a month with mild detergent or shampoo. Throw when bristles start to fall. The secret to makeup application is a good blending brush.
Nail polish
One year
Makeup sponges
Wash after each use, then throw away after a month. Use disposable ones intead. (Honestly - I don't use them - I use fingers which I'm told is unhygenic but I find warm fingers can make the foundation blend easily... )

This reminds me to evaluate my makeup bag.. ;)

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