Sunday, September 18, 2011

Do's and Don'ts for Make-up (to increase lifespan)

A little reminder on how we should treat our makeup. We forget that makeup is exposed to germs when it is opened. If we don't take good care of makeup like how we care for food, we will be putting on makeup filled with germs directly on our skin! Imagine that!

There are a few general rules to follow closesly to minimise torturing our skins and potentially making it sensitive, prone to break outs.
  • Keep it clean by cleaning your makeup brushes. It is like the eating utensils that you use to feed yourself. You will only use clean fork and spoons.
  • Not sharing is caring. Sharing your makeup is unsanitary, as it transfers infectious bacteria such as staph, conjunctivitis, yeast, and fungus.
  • Keep it cool. Store makeup in a cool, dry place. even when you are travelling. Direct sunlight can alter the preservatives in your makeup.
  • Stay dry. For liquid makeup, use disposable applicators, such as Q-tips, and give your sponges plenty of drying time so as not to encourage bacteria.
  • Clean your makeup bag. When was the last time you even wash or clear out your makeup bag? It could be collecting bacteria and transferring to your makeup brushes, makeup and ultimately to your face.
  • Think storage How you keep you make-up will determine how long it will last. To make sure your lip gloss lasts for a long time (as well as with other products), keep your make-up in a cool and dark place. Don't leave them out in the sunlight because some of the important ingredients can break down.
  • Keep oxygen out This is the number one enemy for your make-up. Make sure the lids and caps of all your products are kept secured when not in use. Leaving them in the open will result in oxidation.
  • Opt for powder Powder-based make-up usually lasts longer that its cream-based counterpart. All cream make-up has a lifespan of one year. Powder varieties can last up to three years if you use them approprietly

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