Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food review: CraftBrew - BBQ platter Groupon promo

CraftGroupon is burning a hole in my pocket because I'm buying more coupons for bargains. Lol

Anyhow, this is the first Groupon promo I bought to have yummy food, beer and good company with friends. A very belated review but timely because CraftBrew decided to have the same promotion again in groupon.

[50% Off] Barbecue Meat Platter + Salad for up to 4 people from Craft Brews for RM69 instead of RM138.05 (Only RM17.25 per person). Non-Halal

Images borrowed from Groupon promo site since I didn't remember to take photos of the ambience.

The promotion included the following:
- 2 types of pork back ribs and 2 quarter chicken.
- Salad, potato wedges and corn on the cob.
- Signature Craft-brewed beers available. (not included in promotion)
- Happy hours from Mon to Sat 6.00pm – 8.00pm, Sun 6.00pm – closing.

A big fan of pork ribs, I felt this promo seems too good to be true! :) Plus the fact that Craft Brews rave that they have a variety of "home-brewed" (in Singapore) to try out. Not really a beer fan but it's a good deal and good reason to meet friends.

So we went over on 24th June 2011 (Friday) for dinner. Honestly speaking, the portion would have served 5 girls. I overate..  but it was delicious.

Food review
They serve the salad in a large wooden bowl. For veggie-lovers-it would have been enough as a meal. I can't recall if there was a specific dressing or you can request for it but I think we selected Italian dressing.
Look at the salad portion in proportion to a person. Belinda's happily tossing the salad!

And here comes the BBQ Platter. There are 4 ribs for each type of flavour. We chose Tex-Mex and honey mustard. I recalled the meat was tender but I prefered one of the flavour to the other.

The 2 pieces quarter of chicken was a bit hard to break to 4 portion but just nice as a bite to taste the different flavour. Preferred the ribs! There are the corn cob for all of us to mellow down the meatiness. Lol

Not forgetting their potato wedges. You know - its texture is exactly like "goreng pisang"!! The crispy-fried batter around the wedges is so crunchy light! It is nice to munch on for tea break. I don't really care for potato wedges but I really liked these. Alas, we didn't finish it because we were already fulled with pork.. ;)

Drinks were not provided. So I decided to try their famous beer. I took the most unique looking one- Green Monster Larger which actually consists of spirulina. I was a bit late in arriving after work so I didn't really read up on the bitterness level given in the menu. Basically, this beer is mild but slightly bitter to me. I preferred the other beer my friend ordered - but I cannot recall what it was now.

Green beer for the green pig.. lol

Environment-wise: there is non-smoking seats (indoor) and smoking area (outdoor) which is separated by this large rotating glass door at the side. For activities, they have television installed and even foosball for you to play (but I find it a little crammed to do so) next to the sitting areas. There is wi-fi too but I didn't had time to try the connection because was busy eating and chatting.

Overall, it was a nice pleasant environment with good service and delicious meal. So for starters, I do recommend you to try groupon to get 50% off at the BBQ platter and next time, slowly enjoy the rest of the food on the menu. I'm told there is a nice set lunch during weekdays (pork burger) at around RM15++ but I've not tried it myself. Happy eating!

Craft Brews
G3 Podium, Ground Floor, Menara KLK, 1 Jalan PJU 7/6, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Phone: 03-7722 3000

It's actually just nearby to Ikea, Mutiara Damansara - the office tower right after Tesco. Parking in Menara KLK after 6pm is RM2. So don't take a risk to park along the road.

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