Thursday, August 18, 2011

Neglecting my blog

Oh my... so sad, I've been neglecting my blog and my to-blog list is over-flowing. Argh... I should not let work control my life. I will try to post up my latest shopping and experiences to share here.

In fact, there is one big event that I've not wrote about before I forget... something to do with knees, roses, dining and diamond. Get the drift.

But last weekend, I bought myself a pair of Guess stilettos!! I can't believe I got it at a steal since it's an out-of-season outlet. Best of all? It makes me look and feel sexy.

Remember ladies, women's best friends are killer sexy heels... because walking in them does "kill you" but looking great and sexy is worth the torture. Lol

It does match a little nice shimmering dress I bought recently too. Next thing on the list - to shed the fat and pounds on me.. Lol

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