Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoes Review: Guess Pewter Leather Heels

I've been eyeing gladiator heels for sometime since the trend started few years ago (2008?) but I couldn't get the right design. In fact, when I finally found one I fell in love with - no size!!

That's the dilemma with shoes, right gals?

Well, so when I randomly looked at shoes and if it fits and there's a spark of magic, I got to have it! Lol. I can imagine the shoes for days if I don't buy it. All right - I have to admit, I have a thing with shoes.... lol
Ta dah! Bought my ..second pair of gladiator heels/stilettoes! First was a pair of gladiator wedges which I love but "sayang"(reluctant) to wear.. haha.. I've never bought any heels with such a skinny heels before... But it just made me feel good and sexy when I tried it on.

Unravelling the package... tsk tsk
I know I have not mastered photography for macro/objects yet. It's hard taking picture of the shoes while I'm wearing them. Hence, here are the blurry picture of my pewter leather heels for now.

There are some scuff marks and scratches but there is only one pair left and I bought it at a bargain. It retails at RM389 but I got it at RM129 (about 70% off!) Isn't that a bargain? (I know, typical "woman-bargain" mentality).

In fact, I have just the right dress to match this heels. The only question is "Will I wear them" and "When will I wear them"? ;)

First of... lose off some weight to take off the pressure on my feet in such a heels. Hah..

This is actually the most recent heels I bought.. I'll intro another few more pairs I bought before this.. just because of the "woman-bargain" mentality..  (Note to self: No more purchases of shoes for a year? ) Stay tune for more heels-eye-candy! ;)

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