Thursday, May 17, 2012

Photobook Malaysia review

Honestly speaking, I'm one of many people who got hooked to discount and deals website like Groupon, Everyday and Ilovediscount; just to name a few.

Hence, when I first bought this deal for a photobook last year, I was intrigued and wondered how it would work. In a nutshell, it is very simply to select and drag your images then tweak it a little in the photobook software to compose your photobook. (Will review the software the next time)

However, be careful when it comes to "dateline to redeem coupon" period as their servers and customer service will be overloaded. Who can blame them? But it is scary to purchasers like me who keeps on wondering if the order goes through, it the file got uploaded and if they are ever going to get their book.

Here's my review of redeeming it last minute.

26.2.12:Made an order. (Given a PBOXXXXXXX)
28.2.12: Took the effort to drive and send a CD with my files directly to Photobook office since server was too slow to upload.
2.3.12: Called Photobook and was told the order encountered error but they have received my files. I had to submit a replacement order
3.3.12: Made a new order to replace the old order. Got a new order no:  PBOXXXXXXX.
Called Photobook office on 3 Feb 2012 to confirm my order and that everything is in order. (They confirmed receiving my CD files). Reminded that I opted for self-collect. Was told it is possible and I would be refunded RM15 for delivery in cash upon self-collect.

From 5 March onwards, no calls to Photobook office or support was available since no one picked up the calls.

5.3.12: Received email from Photobook stating I have not uploaded my file.
5.3.12: Send email explaining my situation
6.3.12: Received email to upload file again.
6.3.12: Send email explaining the whole situation and that I have directly given the files in person. I also reminded that I have requested a pick-up option as stated in the groupon I bought.
6.3.12: Reply that have received my CD copy of files and all is in order. Hazwan from Photobook support confirmed all in order and I would be informed for self-collect.
10.3.12: Query on status of book. No reply.
14.3.12: 2nd Request to upload file
20.3.12: Finally replied that my file is corrupted and I had to upload again.  Why does it take so long to inform so? Are the files misplaced ?
21.3.12: Uploaded my file through photobook
26.3.12: Received email saying my order is being sent.
26.3.12: Send query requested self pick-up as mentioned earlier.
27.3.12: Received my photobook. Good condition and satisfied with product but dislike  the long process. Thank God! I was not in a hurry. 

It took 1 month for my book to arrive.... I was very patient and understanding with their "overload" and didn't complain. But why did they have to lie to me and just posted my book without the self-collect option? I wrote back this exact review to them and no calls or apologies obtained from them.

It is so sad to find a useful online photobook book but I hate "CRAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICES"!!! Yes, we are Malaysians and we are in a "developing country" but we always get this kind of service from our own kind. Bad customer service is expected in Malaysia unless you're foreigner-looking - "kwai loh" only.

Arghh... Anyway, scenario over and as I have another book to redeem; I remind myself to redeem 1 month earlier and hope I do not encounter this kind of problem again. If that is so, I guess I'll have to try with all the new numerous photobook companies popping out here and there and forgo Photobook Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

I saw their deal and would like to try.
May i know is the software easy to use?
is it easy to send the file to them?
(because i am not good in computer function)
is the quality of the photobook ok?
if full mark is 10, how many mark you will give for this photo book quality?

PiggiYing said...

I find the software easy to use.. just some limitation which you tweak you image further in other softwares like Adobe Photoshop. The quality is ok and delivery is fast as long as you don't clash near the due date of the deals. The printing does turn out 20-30% darker than what is displayed on my monitor. Maybe I'll try to ask them to lighten the printing. I'll give them 8 marks for photo quality.

ML said...

so their service has been bad eh? my order too is still in production for weeks! to anyone who maybe thinking of printing with Photobook, please think twice!