Thursday, May 03, 2012

Storage for Shoes Fanatics

I admit, my weakness is in shoes; but not the fancy-smancy stilettos or branded shoes, but just booties and boots. Too bad it is too humid to really wear them but when I do, I always remember to air them.

Anyway, for all those ladies who have several dozen of shoes, a question everyone asked is "How do you store your shoes? How do you organise them for your convenience?"

I myself have tried several method and I can't wait to move to my own place to store all my lovely shoes clearly and easily accessible. In the meantime, here are some ideas available in the market for those in need of a little organising. ;)

1. The shoe wheel - when I first saw this, I was intrigued. Yes, it is nice to see as a decoration too but a wee pricey for me and not really space saving.

2. Transparent Shoe shelf - I randomly googled this and found this shelf which is easily assembled by parts. Look interesting. Wonder if we have it here.

3. Transparent flap box - I actually bought this from an online seller in for a mere RM5/each. It is sent to be flat and can easily form it like any other boxes. The size is large and fits most heels except my boots. I put one side in a box each. Only thing to note that it is soft plastic and there is pre-punched holes for ventilation! ;) In the end I still put this boxes into a shelf.

4. Transparent Shoe Storage Drawers - I first saw this in groupon with 6 units for RM98 (RM13.30 each). Based on the assembly images on these drawers, it looks similar to the above material but has reinforcement at the sides to make it more rigid. Plus it has the external drawers to slide into.

5. Shoe space savers - I think I've seen this in Daiso selling for RM5. A blogger was showing how she saves space by arranging this way. But knowing myself, I would not have time to arrange my shoes let alone putting in this gadget.. lol...

6. Shoe rack - An open shelf shoe rack for easy access. I guess this is ideal but I would still like to put them into a covered room eg the shoe closet to avoid dust, insects, grime, etc.

7. Fabric shoe organiser - This kind of thin fabric material allows breathability to your shoes and also makes it easy to store in small spaces like under your bed. I'm not too keen because it's limited and troublesome to unzip. Yes, I admit I am lazy but when you're in a hurry you won't have time to unzip and look for you shoes. It is more suited for those precious shoes that you seldom use though! ;)

Currently, I'm using type 3 but I'm actually more keen for Type 2 and Type 6 inside a shoe closet/ walk-in-wardrobe. How have you organised your shoes?Obviously, a girl's dream would be a shoe closet like this:

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