Friday, May 11, 2012

Wave of People

Alas, again, another co-worker leaves the team. I feel sad being left behind and facing new faces to get used to and build rapport with.

Why does it happens? Many reasons due to different reasons but in general, it is part of our life.

It has been 2 and a half years since I have been working on a project and the team of people involved has changed according to different waves.

1. First year "wave": Change of consultant company (once)
2. Within these few years "waves": Change of project managers ( 3 times to date)
3. 2nd year "wave": Change of person-in-charge (2 different people from different companies)
4. 3rd year "wave": Change of GM, change of person-in-charge (another 2 different people from different companies)

Why they leave?
1. Personal reasons: better opportunities, internal politics in company, insufficient man-power
2. Company : reselection of people, "nepotism"

What do they leave behind?
1. Unfinished work
2. Unresolved issues (either informed or not to the successor)
3. Buffer time needed for successor to get accustomed and up-to-date on all the items
4. Delayed time for the team to work together again.
5. New ideas and potential of redoing work due to "new ideas" from "new people"

And then, the cycle repeats over and over with the new "wave".

In between this, sometimes I get frustrated and feel inclined to join the waves but I tell myself to persevere another year and see how it goes... Sighhh..

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