Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Worries vs Joy

I know I must always trust the Lord and leave everything to Him. But it's not wrong to plan ahead and obviously in the process, you do get a little worried... sighh

My Joy is my little bundle slowly growing in my womb. I delight in feeling little movement from my baby and sometime cheekily adjust my body position to see my baby's reaction. My hubby would scold me and ask me not to simply move. Sighh...

Due to few "incidents", hubby has always got me to stay at home and rest all the time for the safety of the child.

But, my worry is not on that anymore. I worry about the next year events ; the delivery cost, the hospital cost, the nanny, the baby products needed, etc.

Hence, I asked myself this question "Where will I be based in?" We haven't even decided where we will stay and let alone who will look after the child when born. I've read and heard people looking for confinement lady and nannies by the 2nd trimester or earlier.

Sighhh.... how? How? I pray to God that the solution will come and in the meantime, it's a routine life of work, eat, sleep, rest without going anywhere except making sure I'm well rested for my child...

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