Thursday, October 11, 2012

Delivery from the Stork

I guess as life progresses, here come simple daily surprises... :)

I'm off to the next stage of life before being a wife for long. The stork will be delivering a baby to me next... :)

Thank God so far despite some up and downs, my dear baby is growing well and healthy. I'm about to start getting a little excited preparing the day my baby arrives. I've started consulting my mother friends for list-to-do and buy... :) I've even started feeling my stomach to feel my baby inside of me... Can't wait to hold you even though I've never really had any experience with babies!! (A little terrified of handling a newborn!!)

Here is my little prayer to my baby...

My dear child... I hope mummy and daddy can do and provide the best for you. We wish you a safe delivery and hope that you'll grow up well with all the love and discipline we can give you. We wish God will always protect you and you will always remember Him. We pray you will learn to be God-fearing and with all the crazy technologies and "advancement", you will grow up maturely and wisely. We pray you won't have get bullied in school, too many heartbreaks by future partners and get conned into something you know you should do. We pray we will not worry too much and you will not worry us either. But whatever it is, we just pray for your safety into this world. :)

Daddy and Mummy

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