Tuesday, October 02, 2012

It's finally over... surreal

Can't believe time passes..

My wedding dinner is over and thank God, it went smoothly IMHO. My husband might complain a little on some tweaking and delays but life is never perfect.

It was weird that I was so stressed the night before preparing the table seating chart and rechecking the guest lists but then the next morning, magically the stress disappeared. I was merely concentrating on looking pretty and smiling the whole day. :)

Highlights worth sharing from my side as the bride:

1. Get good friends to be your bridesmaid / "chi muis". 

I am very thankful my dear girlfriends made the morning session fun a little but squeezing in some silly games to play with the bestmen/ "heng tais". (Decent games, mind you!) I'm also thankful they are good accountant friends to help me collect "ang pow" (money gifts) during my wedding dinner and calculate properly for me to pay off the restaurant the same night! One of my friend, Boon Eng even brought calculator, rubber bands, paper weight to help ease the process. After my dinner, I could easily compile the money needed to pay the restaurant quickly. Thank you very much to Wen Nie, Boon Eng and Sue!!

Not forgetting other friends who backup for me: Seet Yan for downloading wedding songs!! :)

2. Good makeup artist

I actually throw caution to wind and took a makeup artist which I didn't really test out. I bought a trial makeup session from an online deal website and wasn't too please with the result. It was done by a student of the makeup studio and then the "teacher" came and added some touch ups. I was intrigued and decided to take her instead.

On the actual day, she was late because she came from Sungai Buloh to BKT town and got lost. Poor thing. To make matters worse, we both communicate with each other like chicken and duck because she's not fluent in English and my Mandarin is passable.

Anyhow, thank God, she finally arrived half hour later. She spend lots of time doing my makeup with face contouring and eye defining. She added a large flower to my hair (which normally I don't fancy) but turned out very nice. She is so nice also to help me sew part of my gown and suggested I wear double bra since my gown was too loose (I lost weight!!). Ironically, I found out this happen to my friend too who is the first owner of the gown! Lol

Dinner time, I was half hour late for my makeup because our "jam cha" (tea ceremony) session finished late. More like guests left late about 3.30pm and we didn't realise we didn't have much time tille 5pm!!

Anyway, again, dinner makeup was nice also. She even helped me put my additional short Shu Uemura lash with stars to give me the glitz I wanted. She did something I didn't request again - she puffed up my hair to the front that it looked faked to me and she put my necklace in my hair. I find it a bit too much but my friends reassured me it was nice for dinner. Thank you Kat from JAP Station, Kepong. Really appreciate your personal touches for my day.

3. Good MC/ organiser for dinner

Thank God, my hubby's cousin managed to push her flight the next day and agreed to be our MC cum organiser for the wedding dinner. Why is this post important? You need someone to arrange with the restaurant manager when the food can be served, when the food should stop for toasting/cake cutting, etc.

Seriously, without her, we couldn't have a smooth wedding dinner. Plus to coordinate with our other friend, "Russell" when to play the slideshows. Thank you Irene!

In the end, I don't think many remembers the dinner. We the groom and bride didn't even eat half the dishes because we had to go table-to-table to entertain friends and guests. Thankfully, I just got pictures from my friend who took every dish. (Alina's habit to take pics of the food she eats! ;) ) Plus the fact, they serve individually to the main table; so you don't get to see the whole dish.

A big heartful thanks to my HUBBYY!! Bravo! You survived that one day stress! :P Others days I was stressing and thank you for being supportive and finally marrying me traditionally.. hahahahha.. (evil laugh)

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