Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Dinner planning

I think I should share my experience. Thank God we found a place on the same day we started looking.

Basically, my hubby is not the "window shopping" type while I am. So lucky him I've done most of my research online and off-hand have a few option of wedding dinner venues in my mind.

Hence after buying wedding bands, during CNY week, after discussing with my mother-in-law, he finally agreed and said "Ok, we can go and look for wedding venue." (more like in an exasperated tone and just decided to go with it... rolling eyes). Armed with a list of few dozen potential wedding dinner dates (on weekends and avoiding the inauspicious Chinese "ghost" month), we went down to PJ to try out.

Option 1: Imperial Garden Restaurant, Intan Square PJ.

I chose this option because of the following reasons:
a) Location is in between the groom and bride's location; just off Federal Highway
b) Open carpark or elevated carpark - easy parking
c) Menu was within reasonable range with suckling pork available below RM1k per table
d) Venue looks interesting and nice with no pillars blocking the view towards the screen

Plus after googling, found reviews with pictures showing me the place of the wedding i.e. CH & Luna's wedding dinner. Found another one with the food tasting pictures: Et_Chai's blog . General comment in another blog: Look, see, eat

Only comments I have after visiting the place were:
1. Narrow lobby/reception area for the hall
2. Carpark was a bit dodgy looking
3. Hall is long and narrow but seems ok to me.

Reasons why I didn't chose this option:
1. ALL the dates I wanted was not available.
2. Insufficient tables (I wanted 25 tables) to have the whole hall. They only offered half the hall without the stage ?!? Minimum 30 tables.
3. Suggested to have lunch instead of dinner.

So say bye-bye to Option 1.

Option 2: Oriental Banquet, Jaya 33

I shortlisted this restaurant because of the following reasons:
1. It's behind the church I used to attend; location is in between the groom and bride's location
2. It has convenient parking (RM2 on weekends)
3. The ambience is nice (high ceiling and quite cozy)
4. Food was delicious from the one time I tried.. Lol

Wedding dinner reviews available online which will help you to decide:
1. Lynn's wedding dinner
2. Khee Liang & Eugenie wedding dinner

In the end, I took this because from my long list of dates, I got 2 options - 1 in July and 1 in September.July clashes with my trip so September it was. Unfortunately only the "small" hall was available to accommodate 18 tables max. Hence, it started with cutting down the guest list. Thank God, we found one venue. :)

Anyway, apparently the RM3k booking fees is only for the place. The menu had to decided later. We booked in February 2012 and was not allowed to select the menu till June 2012 whereby the price has increase RM70/table for the exact same menu for the earlier half year.

I guess anything to do with "wedding" is a really profitable business whereby you can gradually in a year or half year, increase price happily..

Since it was my first time and hopefully only time, these are few items which I tried to ask and advise you to think about before going to the restaurant.
1. Total number of table (combined wedding, separate, guest list - offhand prepare first)
2. Budget for per table
3. Liquor served/ or not (eg corkage charge)
4. Decorations of hall
5. Projector/ music/ etc
6. Emcee if provided
7. Cake cutting/ champagne toast/backdrop decoration (usually have unless you need something special)
8. Band/performance needed - got stage? size?
9. Agenda for dinner (was told to discuss during food tasting)
10.Food tasting (Free? 50%? 30%?)
11. Colour of the hall (in case you have colour theme)
12. Reception table - provided - location
13. Any other freebies e.g. wedding card provided.
14. Bridal room for makeup and angpow counting (forgot to ask this...)

Other options:
1. Dynasty Dragon Restaurant in SS2 Mall..
2. Other Imperial restaurants in Subang or PJ.

And I would have thought of more if needed to. But anyhow, that's how it was in my process of planning my wedding dinner.

Now continues the next steps

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