Friday, June 08, 2012

Frantic Wedding Planning

I guess it's about time I share my frantic random wedding planning experience for those who, if happen to be like me, get last-minute decisions and are thrown to plan by herself. I am a person who likes list but of late, I have been heavily relying on my brain to remember all the things I have to do.

ROM - Registration of Mariage

November 2011
Hence, after years of randomly searching about wedding info, when my fiance-then finally said "Lets get married on XX.12.11" in November 2011, my mind went through my own memory of database to set the course of action now.

First reaction, "It's hardly one month! How to get registered on that date?"
(Seriously, ask my dear friend Wennie about my alarm and complaints to her on the short-notice.. )

Thankfully, he didn't say plus wedding dinner. (That will be explained in detail in the next post)

Miraculously, registering in Jabatan Pendaftaran Malaysia, Putrajaya proved to be more straightforward and simpler unlike some reviews and comments in  wedding forum I read. However, we didn't get the date he wanted but 2 months later... I became his wife on 12.2.12 

Why this date (February 2012)?
A date I chose myself because it was on a Sunday - don't have to take leave and there were a lot of "two"s; reminiscent to his selected first date). It prove to be a good idea because my loved ones and dear friends could drop by too to celebrate my momentous day. Thanks - Alina, Seet Yan, Desue and Koh Pek! (Even though most of them don't know I blog... :p)

Wedding Bands
Ohhh... I missed out blogging about my proposal and engagement ring - this goes to my list of to blog.

Anyway, within December 2011 and January 2012, I started nagging the fiance to go get our wedding bands. He was soooooo reluctant to window shop and when he finally agrees to "shop", he MUST buy one on the very same day.

January 2012
So half day in Midvalley and Gardens Shopping Complex proved fruitful when he finally chose his wedding band. We went to every single jewellery shop there to look for our wedding bands. I was quite surprised he didn't choose a plain band like most guys, but with a combination of matt and gloss finish with 3 small diamonds.

I insisted he got engravings but since it was Chinese New Year eve, the engraver left earlier. So eventually, we went back to engrave our initials one/two weeks later.

Ironically, I didn't like any rings I saw during that day and agreed to get a different ring from a different shop. I vaguely remember a design I like which I saw a week before that in Jusco Bukit Tinggi. I wanted something thin and curvy for my short stubby fingers. I didn't like the straight simply bands. I thought of eternity rings but they are WAYYY to expensive or too thin or need to customised for 1 month (time we didn't have).

Few days/ a week later, I dragged him to SK Jewellery and looked at the rings. Somehow, I couldn't recall exactly what I wanted till I saw something I like.

I got the Momento series - something similar to this but less complicated.

1. Thin band suits short fingers
2. I like the curvy intertwine (coincidentally) of matte finish and gloss finish. I interpret it as 2 different individual becoming one... lol
3. It can be combined with my engagement ring to look like one!! Seriously! :)
4. 5 little diamonds mean.... "I love you forever ever?" Lol.... No idea.... Any suggestions?

With that, I guess I can also interpret his rings as follows:

1. Thicker band for his longer fingers
2.  Matte finish and gloss finish. I interpret it as 2 different individual becoming one too.
3. 3 little diamonds mean "I love you".

Creative imagination, right? LOL

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