Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shopping Temptation: Loving Minerals' Birthday Promo

Despite my earlier post about sales... I'm tempted to commit Error no. 1.
I suddenly feel like getting more makeup brushes.

Loving Minerals is celebrating their 2nd year anniversary with some promotion for their products.
I've bought some items online before: angled kabuki brush (loving it as a traveling blush brush and contouring brush) and Loving sample kit at RM30. (I've finished the blusher sample and love the miniature containers which is good for traveling). I did not get the baby kabuki then.

My weakness was make up brushes which I've stopped buying for sometime. Mind you, I'm still using the blush brush, powder brush, eyebrow brush and occasionally the eyeliner brush.

Handy Kabuki
Hence, the promotion for Handy Kabuki at RM30 (previously RM39) is tempting me... Should I?? I really love their brushes... soft.. small.. handy! ;) So far - the previous brush I bought has not shed that much hair and is still nice to use!

Baby Kabuki
2nd item would be the baby kabuki at RM18 (previously RM25). I've bought a Maybelline minerals set before which comes with a baby kabuki but the bristle was too loose and it shed a little. Since then, I've managed to give it away and I haven't really tried minerals foundation anymore. Should I get this little cutie to finish up the remaining minerals foundation sample I have? Arghhh..

In fact, as an after thought, I remember buying a kabuki brush from ELF but misplaced it during moving places. Sniff.. Oh well.. 

Or... should I let the promotion lapse and forget about this urge? Hmmmm.... wonder what will the outcome be? Lol...  Somebody tie my little fingers from clicking "add to cart"? Lol

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