Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fainting Spells

When I read the historical novels, you tend to find it hard to believe women of those days can easily faint and need to be awaken with smelling salts. This kind of portrayal always made me feel that "women" were perceived as weak.

However, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I had experienced it myself twice this year. It made me wonder if I needed to go for medical check-up or perhaps take better care of myself.

First time it happened, I was gung-ho about bringing my bro's dog for a walk-cum-run in the morning. I was always looking at his sad-puppy-eyes and forlorn look when he lies on the floor looking bored.

Hence, one Saturday morning after sleeping in, I decided to bring all the dogs separately for a walk-cum-run. With the last dog, suddenly I started breathing very heavily and felt tired. I quickly headed home and when I reached the gate, my vision started to blur and my legs buckled. I grabbed hold of the post/gate and called my mum. She didn't even take me seriously when I told her I was going to faint (because it never happened before).

Sighh... maybe I should have eaten breakfast first? lol Especially the bak kut teh that my parents packed for me that morning.... *smack on the forehead*

Second time....

Last weekend, I needed to go to a particular site in Kuala Lumpur to take some pictures. After a nice lunch of roast goose (RM40 for half a goose!! Pricey!!) near Pudu market..  we headed to the site. I walked for hardly 10-15 mins and reached an overhead bridge. I was taking pictures in the shade when suddenly my vision became blurry and I felt a deja vu; I felt that I might faint. Quickly, I crouched down to rest my head on the railing. Phew...

Again, I stood up and continued taking pictures as I thought it was one-off. But it felt like the blood was draining away that I couldn't stand up for long. I'm not sure how long this went on but it was a walk-squat-walk-squat journey back to the car. I tried my best to stand still but my vision was off - like how you play with contrast or some setting in Adobe Photoshop. Creepy!!

Alas, I'm safe and healthy back home. I think it must have been the hot weather? Shrug.. Need to drink more 100plus and water in general.

Anyway, please, do not equate me like these fainting goats!! :P  I did not faint... but nearly?
New mantra: Health first!!

Images taken from http://webecoist.com

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