Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I miss shopping

I found the secret to cure shopaholics. It's called replacing with "work". Lol

I'm not a workaholic!! It's just a combination of work need to be done with lack of manpower and sense of responsibility. Hence, work, work work...

I've missed shopping. Since working late for this year, I've not really enjoyed shopping as I used to. I can't find nice clothings for myself and even shoes that makes me go ga-ga.

Sighh.. in fact, the latest shopping spree I did was on toiletries. Lol

Guardian is having a promotion on selected items.
I bought a few bottles of their body scrub (Guardian SPA Bath Scrub 750ml) with 2 scents: Green Tea or Lavender at RM8.88 from RM16.80. What a bargain! ;)

Initially, I've bought body scrub separately but I find them too oily. Hence, I've decided the lazy way of getting a bath scrub (body scrub cum shower gel) I prefer lavender for a relaxing feel at the end of the day but the smell of green tea is quite refreshing.

Next item worth considering is the Dove shampoo and conditioner range. Since they are trying to sell off their old packaging, grab a few of these items while stock lasts.

Hence, that's the end of my toiletries shopping spree. hahaha .. sad.. :P

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