Saturday, February 13, 2010

O Valentine, where art thou...

It happens to be Valentine's Day tomorrow. What special surprises have you planned for your loved one?

However, for the chinese, coincidentally it falls on our Chinese New Year whereby most families will gather together for one big reunion dinner on the eve.

Hence, does it mean we forgo the V-day for customs? Or vice versa?

I'm one of those who thinks V-day should be everyday. If possible, everyone must (which sounds like a job in the end) show their love to their loved ones every opportunity they can get.

For example, of late, my brother's friend was killed in a car crash. His friend was a young doctor who is filial to his family and had a bright future ahead. Then, my brother's other friend's mum was involve in another car accident as is currently in a coma in the hospital.

If you have closer friends or relatives who suddenly passed away, it makes you think carefully of your lives.

As I age, I notice the "death" rate of someone I know is creeping closer to my circle and it makes me ponder. I wish I can just say "Carpe Diem" and do everything I really want to, but my brain will ask me to be patient or give many excuses as usual.

I know this is a little reflective post when it should be a lovey-dovey one but I feel the most important gift anyone can give to their valentine is to show your love (in whatever love language which makes the other person feels appreciated).

Hence, just say, "I love you" sincerely and give a big bear hug for now if you really can't get anything. Have a memorable V-day everyone! :) Muaks & hugz!

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