Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Cuppa Tea

My Valentine's day was more of a CNY celebration but I was adamant to get a V-day gift. ;) I have to admit; I was a tad disappointed when I got my gift but after using it, I guess my valentine knows what I really need. :)

Bodum: New Yo-Yo Set (Mug & Tea infuser)

Why such a practical gift? Well, I am a tea-drinker. I love all sorts of tea but not to the extend I can tell the different with how-many-years-old high grade tea. I just love my cup of tea without sugar or milk.

I have always the problem of needing to sieve my tea leaves as some of the tea leaves are very fine. Not all teabags produce the right flavour from brewing a cup of tea leaves. Hence, occasionally I still buy a box/ packet of tea leaves. Here are some that I have : green tea and rooibos tea. (Will review the taste
& brand individually someday, I hope)

Green tea - it's sold in one of those stall whereby the sales person will offer you a cup to taste it. I've always been a fan of green tea because I find the strong taste of black tea unappealing. It's supposed to beneficial for your health. I love Japanese green tea (ocha) too!

Rooibos tea - supposedly caffeine-free and high in antioxidants. I got myself a pack when I was in Cape Town many years back. Hence, when I saw a packet being sold in Cold Storage, I had to grab it. Unfortunately, it was only in tea leaves form. In fact it was packed fully in the box without any plastic packaging or any sorts. I find the smell was not contained but after infusing it, the taste is still there. (Can't tell you the brand as I threw the box after opening it)

With this new gadget, I can easily have my cup of tea in 3 steps!

Hence, I can enjoy my cup of tea in my brand new mug and infuser! :) I just love the tea strainer (yo-yo) which is so convenient!


SL said...

Hey, I didn't know you like tea. I brought back some tea last year from Whittard ( Their rooibos and honeybush are not bad. Want some? :-) Here's a cute tea infuser I have seen my friend used .

PiggiYing said...

Wow, cute tea infuser! I've only seen round ones here. How much is that?
Tea? Hehe.. can try some. I want rooibos! How's the honeybush? Just get me some if you don't mind. Lol... I think I'm giving you a lengthy shopping list already.. :P