Saturday, February 20, 2010

Basic First Aid

We hear the word "CPR" and first aid often. But how many of us really know even the basic first aid, let alone perform CPR?

I was watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond whereby Debra was choking on a food while Raymond sat beside doing nothing. (then came a lot of hoo-ha about Raymond not being able to react during emergencies)

His brother, Robert later came an showed how a Heimlich Maneuver ; abdominal thrust to help thrust out the object. However it can be dangerous if done wrongly because of the forceful nature of the thrust.

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This makes me wonder, what would I do in times of an emergency?

Was clearing my room when I stumbled upon an article in an old edition of Womens' Weekly (May 2006) which highlighted a few basic first aid for children: (Take note of all the "don't"s)

- Remove child from danger spot.
- Run only cool tap water over the burn
- Apply a light, dry clean cloth dressing over the wound and bring the child to a doctor
- DON'T apply any medicine, sugar, tootpaste, ash ot powder on the wound. DO NOT run icy cold water or ice onto the scalded areas which can cause further tissue damage.

- Check that the child is breathing
- Lift her chin and tilt her head backwards
- Call 999 or rush her to the nearest hospital / clinic
- If you know, apply CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
- DON'T dig into a child's mouth, or force-feed them food and drnink, or slap the child's back as this can force the object further down, blocking the airway

- Check the child is still conscious
- Observe your child for vomiting and visual disturbance
- If he gets a headache or it gets worse, see the doctor

Fits & Seizures
- Put the child on his side and remove any surrounding hard objects
- Turn his face towards the floor to allow any mucus or vomit to drain from his mouth
- Most fits are caused by an increase in body temperature (febrile fits) which are generally harmless and don't cause brain damage.
- Most parents will rush the child to the hospital for the first time
- DON'T pry open a child's mouth to put a spoon or foreign object in a this can make him choke, obstruct breathing and is life-threatening

- If the child is conscious, try to identify the poison and when it was taken.
- Immediately, take the child, poison and packaging to the doctor.
- If your child is unconsious, call 99 and wait for an ambulance.
- DON'T make him vomit out, let the experts handle it.

Reading this article makes me wonder about all the "don't"s because this is what I normally see being done in the shows on the television! I guess I should read up more to learn it myself.

Have any of you learnt CPR? I guess I think I should try to get myself equipped with the knowledge as when you add lack of knowledge + panic together = disasater!!

First Aid Classes

The article says Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) does conduct First Aid classes for RM250 which includes CPR. Anyone care to join me to check it out? In the meantime, surround yourself with friends who are knowledgable in this (now I regret no joining the Red Crescent Society during my schooling days) lol!

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