Thursday, February 05, 2015

Speech Milestones (23 months)

I have to admit, I was scared when my son didn't speak much and used sign language more to get what he wants.

Then, out of the blue, it is as if the wires connect, he started speaking.

He made a point to have eye contact with you, then pointed an object and said "bluuuu".  (Blue colour)
Then he pointed at the next bead and said "greeee".  (Green colour)
And he continued with "Reeeeaaa" and "Orrrrrrrr-an"  (Red and orange colour)

I can't tell you what a relieve I felt and proud too. Obviously, I couldn't over react as he might not want to speak again. He has this tendency to do it when we least expect.

That was 3 weeks ago.

Last week, he made me proud by saying 1,2,3 to 10 after each numbers was flashed on tv in a youtube video that he was been watching on and off. And then he wasn't too confident saying numbers "11-19" but ended with a loud "20".

I think what helped was coincidentally we have 20 steps for the staircase at home, so we would always count 1-20 with every step we took.

So in short, just wanted to record this moment before I forget, and hope he finally says "Mummy".

He nows happily says "Dadddeeee" whenever he sees daddy. Alas haven't called "mummy" yet so I took the opportunity to teach him this:
"When you poo poo, say Dadddy. When you shee shee, say Daddy. When you hungry, say Daddy".

:P Might as well take it as sign of blessing in disguise... haha

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