Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wardrobe Change

Well, as long as I could delay and have the excuse that I didn't go shopping, I digged out any of my clothes which was big enough to accomodate my expanding waist.

Belly Belt

The first item that couldn't fit were most of my working slacks! I couldn't button them up or partially zipped my pants. That' when I remember a friend recommended getting a belt extender from Mothercare.

So with that in mind, after nagging hubby several times, we both went to our first "baby" shop to survey on items.

I saw the Belly Belt combo kit and bought it immediately at RM79.90. (If you buy now, Mothercare is selling at 10% discount and belatedly I realised some online shops too). I used the belly belt button kit several times already to reuse some of my slacks. Obviously, I also had to wear long top to cover up the groin area to avoid the "button kit" to be seen. I haven't tried the rest of the belts but I suspect I'm getting lazy since I just digged out more elastic skirts and simple summer dresses to wear these days. Lol

Belly Belt Combo Kit

Whether the waist band has a button, clasp or side fastening, this kit allows you to look great in your own clothes throughout pregnancy.
The Belly Belt Combo Kit contains:
  • 2 sizes of Belly Belt button-up
  • 2 sizes of Belly belt Slide
  • 3 polyester/cotton panels (blue, black and white) to cover the gap

Belly Belt Button Kit

A Belly Belt button kit will fit onto button fastening garments. The kit contains:
  • 3 stretchy belts in different sizes with button fastening
  • 3 coloured panels (blue, black, white)

Belly Belt Slide Kit

The Belly Belt Slide will fit onto slide fastening garments 
  • 3 stretchy belts in different sizes with slide fastening
  • 3 coloured panels (blue, black, white)
Maternity Clothing

Anyway, that was during my late first trimester to the beginning of my second trimester. Somehow, my tummy size increased by 3-4 inches during my week 16 to week 19!!

Slowly, I started buying elastic pants and string-type pants to accomodate my baby bump. One day, I dropped by Miki Maternity clothing under Padini Concept Store and saw a section of clothing for RM19 each!

I was so estatic about the bargain that I grabbed about 7 items which only cost me RM133.
1. Maternity jeans (very worth it since it retails at RM119)
2. 3-quarter length thighs for daily wear
3. 5 pieces of maternity top which retails from RM49.90 to RM89.90.

Just drapped the whole stack of the clothing on the sofa.. haha

I wished there were more jeans but the remaining one "L" size seems plausible enough for me to grow into instead of all the XL sizes. Thank you Mum for highlighting to me this shop! :)

In fact, few days later, I dropped by to buy another 3 "A-line" tops which should accomodate my tummy during the final trimester. :)

Other clothing
Of course, it helped to have a mum of similar size and close friends. Mum passed on some bigger clothing to me and my friends loan me some of her maternity clothes.

Hence, I told myself, "No more shopping for maternity clothes".

Oh yes, a little word of advice, take a luggage bag and pack all your older clothings into it. I did that in a sad manner saying "See you clothes in half a year's time.. I hope". Lol.. Then you'll have space for your maternity clothes.

Belated, I realised now I need to get new bras (maternity bras, nursing bras) and nursing tops...
Sigh.. the shopping list goes on but I do need to invest on good bras because they support my hubby's precious.. lol which will now go to my baby.. hahaha

NEXT stop.... Bra shopping.. lol

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