Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby Stuff Shopping-Part 1

Weeee.... girls and shopping!! Yay!

Well, depends.. not when you're not really loaded and also recovering from wedding and new house preparation expenses...

But... a bargain is still a bargain! I've started my baby stuff shopping during the last 2 warehouse sales and Mothercare's recent sale plus a little online shopping.

I guess ignorance is bliss. Since, I started joining this mummy group in Facebook, I get poisoned with their purchases and HAD to go to warehouse sales to take a look too. Don't believe - ask my hubby who gets nagged if he doesn't bring me to it.

This was the first sale that got me salivating but couldn't go! Thankfully, I tried my luck and asked a mummy online who was offering someone else to buy something from there. She helped me buy the Graco playpen Camo Joe I wanted at RM250 (original price was RM399) and recommended I buy the Lamaze gift set for my baby too. Thanks Ester! My hubby couldn't believe there was a stranger who was willing to help me buy stuff without any extra charge! The power of mummies!!

I was surprised to see her with a full car; boot full of baby stuff and half of back seat too with one toddler daughter and a 6 months son at the front seat. Thank you so much.

 Why a playpen you might asked?
1. Portability - It's requested by my parents as we are staying in a double-storey house. They want to bring up and down the playpen so it was convenient.

2. Portability again - I can bring it over to my place or parents or in-laws.

3. 2 in one feature - It can be used as a bassinet for a newborn or a playpen for a toddler.

Then, the recommended Lamaze Value Gift Pack at RM180 (original price at RM299).
This Value Gift Pack consist of:-
1. Lamaze Musical Inchworm
2. Lamaz  Clutch Cube
3. Lamaze The Tale of Sir Prance A Lot Soft Book
4. Lamaze Sir Prance A Lot
5. Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattles & Foot Finder
6. Lamaze Busybug High Chair Toy


A soft Lamaze friend for baby to grow with! High-quality velour fabric. Underside measures baby up to 24". Fun rattles, squeaks, crinkles and jingles with interesting textures to touch and chew. Plays "If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands" when the inchworm's head is hugged.
At over 60cm long your baby won't be able to stop cuddling this soft and colourful musical inchworm.Great tummy time toy.
Inchworm's belly features a measure in both inches and centimetres and his body has a variety of different textures.
Recommended Age: From Newborn and Above.

Lamaze Cube has so much for baby to explore and manipulate. This lamaze toys is suitable for a newborn baby onward.
This clutch cube is a soft baby toys that you don’t have to worry about hurting your young infant. In fact, it is great toys if your baby likes to clutch! Baby can grab and fling it all around. It definitely helps to teach baby to grab onto things.
Each side of the cube has a friendly face or vibrant contrasts, colors and pattern that is really interesting to a baby to touch and feel. One of the side also has peek-a-boo flaps with a mirror below for your baby to discover himself or herself.
On the outside of the Lamaze clutch cube has rings or soft handles for baby to grab and play with. Each handle of the cube offers a different kind of texture, color, and shape that can satisfy your baby’s chewing needs.
The two little rings on the handles make a pleasant soft clanking sound and make great teethers.
Besides, this baby lamaze toys also makes a lot of amazing sounds and rattle, a soothing chime ball is hidden inside, babies can clink its rings and shake it to listen to the chimes.
There is also a green apple scent on the underside of the panda face.
The Cube can be wash by machine, but make sure to wash it on the lowest power setting, as rough washing can disturb the rattle.

Recommended Age: From Newborn and Above.
Sir Prance-a-lot takes you on a journey filled with tactile fun. This cloth book features a 3-D pop-up dragon, crinkly pages, peek-a-boo ribbon, soft textures, and stimulating bright colours that will delight baby. Lamaze Infant Development System introduces a comprehensive collection of developmental books designed to help parents and gift-givers choose the right book at the right time. Designed with input from respected child development experts, the program offers books featuring washable fabrics, durable pages, bright contrasting colours, and specially designed developmental features that make it fun for babies and toddlers to discover, learn, and read.

Lamaze’s play and grow Sir Prince is an ideal toy for your little one. As your baby grows you need new toys for his/her skill and logic development and to ensure his grow is well balanced. Sir Prince is bright with contrasting colours and rich patterns which stimulate your baby’s vision as your little angel is bound to be dazzled by the beautiful colours. The toy rattles, squeaks and crinkles which is good for the development of your baby’s auditory skills. The stimulating rattle also provides various activities to your baby, keeping him/her occupied for hours. The different textures on the toy refine your baby’s motor skills, while your baby enjoys playing with this cute and adorable toy.

Easy to wear, comfortable rattles to stimulate and inspire your baby. Encourages discovery and rewards exploration.The perfect way to start your baby's development. The innovative wrist rattles and foot finders fit comfortably on baby's wrists and ankles. Their bright colours, cute faces and enchanting noises will have baby searching for their hands and feet.
The Gardenbug Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders are fully machine washable ensuring the health and safety of your baby without extra work for you!
This bendy bug character will put a smile on any face. As baby "swats" at him, he rattles. Suction cups attach to any flat surface, making this "pest" great for on-the-go, or for engaging baby during mealtime. Busy Bug teaches cause-and-effect, as the bug bends and rattles when batted by baby.
Can't wait to see how my baby reacts to these toys! :)

Oh yeah, I did nag my hubby on Sunday to finally let me take a look at the warehouse sales itself. It was supposed to end at 6pm on Sunday. We were there about 5pm and as I walked around; I wouldn't have known what to buy. There were less Lamaze toys around but more Thomas the engine and Chuggington die-cast trains with some baby/children clothing. There were still some Graco strollers and display unit playpens.

In the end, because of the "bargain", buying one Chuggington train at 50% and buying 3 units with a free unit, I bought 4 Chuggington trains. Thought of giving it to my friend but it's only suitable for kids 3 years above! Oh well..

Grabbed 2 pairs of baby mittens for my baby too. That's all I got. So thank you hubby for at least letting me see the highly-raved warehouse sale.

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