Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedding Blues

Seriously, who said planning a wedding is simple?

Especially when you're on no budget... or more like, tight budget - saving enough to spend on the spot. No thanks to credit card; retailers love to allow you to charge to your card and pay in installments. Do you know anything that relates to the word "wedding" is a like a goldmine for you to make?!? After all, it's supposed to be once a lifetime.

So far, thank God, I only really felt the stress at one moment - selecting the makeup artist. You'll think it is simple but suddenly when you look at the price, you look at your budget, you look at the sample, you look at the trial make-up, you look into your heart to look prettiest on your wedding day... you get a headache.

Do you know how much it cost for one session of makeup and hairdo? Gosh.. when I heard RM1.2k for 2 sessions, I was stunned. True, it is for the makeup artist to earn but.. but.. with so much more to pay for.. weird enough, I got stingy.

I started googling and reading wedding forums for names. I e-mailed at least a dozen makeup artists to get quotations... nah only 6? Lol.. then I saw a promotion in one of those website to have a trial makeup for below RM50 to get half price promotion for the real day. I even went through websites and wedding pictures to get ideas on the type of hairdo or makeup I wanted to try out.

My mind was like "Yeah right... nothing comes cheap" then when I went, I found out it was because they send their junior makeup artist/ students to do it for you...

So in the end, how? I chose one and I wondered if I did the right one. It was in the middle range and I guess slightly lower than the market because no accessories will be loaned to you. :(

I might end up spending more to find my own accessories.. argh.. another item to do on the list.

In the meantime, I pray God will give me strength to slowly plan the little things to make me happy and hope the marriage grows stronger instead of disintegrating with the wedding blues.. :p

Or even worse.. Bridezilla? Nahh..

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