Monday, April 16, 2012

Pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes Blogging Contest

I know I've not been blogging lately - my work is like a vampire! Sucking out my ideas and interest in touching a keyboard.

However, something has sparked my interest as I'm one of the lucky 30 who got chosen to enter Pretty Sexy Beautiful Eyes blogging contest!  Yay! Thank you MrLens Malaysia and Plusizekitten for organizing this contest!

What is this contest about?

Step 1:  Get chosen to review 2 boxes of Freshlook Colorblends Color Contact Lenses from (the sponsor of this contest)

- Wowweee! It's going to be my 2nd time using coloured contact lenses! ;) I was torn between getting grey coloured or amethyest... which did I choose? Stay tune!

Step 2: Order from the website: to get the trial lenses.

- So far, it's been easy-peasy as you have to create an account and select the items you want. Typically, check out the cart and payment. Then hope to get the lenses soon! ;) Will update next on the duration of delivery.

Step 3: Try out the lenses and blog a review about them. The best bloggers wins a Nikon Coolpix P300 worth over RM1k.... *oggless* Wish me luck!

Coincidentally, I have a dinner this weekend... best time to try out the lenses to match my dress? ;)

 *** claims to deliver to you cheaply - fast - reliably! There seems to be lots of slashes on the prices. Best of all - free delivery to Klang Valley. There is a map which shows the area to qualify for free delivery. Variety seems there too... it'll be good to have such a convenient online retail selling contact lens. (that is if you already know the right prescription for your eyes) Will share my review in the next post.

Another thing to note, since is newly launched, it might be worth checking out their facebook for more promos e.g. sharing their wall to get RM50 shopping voucher at MrLens Malaysia!

Meanwhile, stay tune to see me try to cam-whore with my eyes. I know my eyes are not like those Bambi-doe eyes.. .but never know, you might get mesmerised by them after seeing them in another colour? Lol... wishful thinking... 

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