Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Game review: Angry Birds.... vs Green Pigs

Seriously, ask anyone who owns an Iphone what do they think of when they see pigs? "Angry birds"!!

My friend introduced me to this aps on her new Iphone last year whereby the aim of the game is to sling shot birds into green pigs in elaborate structure(to kill them). Why? Take a look at the trailer below to find out the history of the angry birds...

The clip shows three birds adoring their little nest of 3 eggs while at the background, 3 green pigs (one of them is a king presumely with the crown) eating grass and hating it.

The King pig spied the eggs and suddenly salivates at the thought of omelette and decides to steal the eggs when the birds silly enough got so angry over a mosquito touching their eggs. And there begins the vengence of the Angry Birds vs the pigs.

The aim of the game? In Angry Birds, players take control of a flock of birds that are attempting to retrieve eggs that have been stolen by a group of evil green pigs. (taken from wikipedia).

The birds come in 4 variation according to my own description.. lol :
1. The Red bird which goes "huaaa heee" when sling-shot into the target.(Power: Average)
2. The Blue bird which goes "thud tweeet" when activated and separates into 3 little birds (Power: Multiple targets)
3. The Yellow bird which tweets when activated and accelerates into the target (Power: Kinetic force)
4. The Black bird which goes "weee" when activated becomes a bomb. (Power: Explosive)
5. The White bird which goes "weee thud" when activated drops an egg bomb and flies away to safety. (Power: Drop grenade) - only bird which does not do kamikaze.
6. The Green bird when activated boomerangs into the target. (Power: Angled shot)

These different "ammo" is important to defeat the pigs especially when they have elaborate structure in timber, steel, stone and ice with helmet as armour from the vengence of the Angry birds. Lol

And when all fails, the players can always opt to buy the secret weapon known as the "Mighty Eagle". Watch it at play in the trailer below:

The craz of Angry birds can be seen with other clips: Angry Birds Peace Treaty, and references made about it. I was surprised to see the host, Neil Patrick Harris (better known as Doogie Howser MD) in the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards doing a demo of "Angry Birds" live. Real life pigs painted in green appeared on the stage and Neil was about to launch a real-life rooster into the pigs when the director voiced over and said "Listen, PETA called, we gotta shut this down."

There are fans out there who built their own Angry Birds model and a life sized game of it... Just google to find out more stories.

Well, ironically, I don't even own an Iphone or an Ipod/ Ipad or the application itself and I'm hooked on it! So far, I've played occassionally on my friend's Iphone and one night, I've played few hours straight on my bro's Ipad. Hence, yes, it is fun, addictive and frustrating when you can't get the 3-stars-leveled but when you win, you'll shout a loud "Yes"! ;)

p.s. My ringtone is the song from Angry Birds. Lol
Can anyone get me one of those green pig plushie for my pig collection? Lol

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