Monday, February 07, 2011

Bunny Year

How has 2011 been to me so far?

The prolonged inevitable "train crash" has come tumbling in. (Obviously this has to be work-related rantings)....

CNY holidays passed by in a blissful week and here I am back again to work. Trying to pick up the pieces of the wreckage...

Hence, time passes even more quickly as you dread a day and hope it goes on swiftly... then you always look for a respite on weekends away from all the gloom.

Yes, it's still CNY mood but alas, a gloom lingers on my face. Sad!

Again, I remind myself... This Bunny year should not be about work,work, work! Bunny O' bunny - cute and cuddly... give me a year of bountiful joy and fun with lots of white fluffy laughter.

Once, I feel more human again, I'll upload my CNY food pics!

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