Monday, September 06, 2010

Earrings Frenzy

I had a passion once. It was earrings.

I would buy those cute little studs or dangling ones to my fancy. Thankfully, I don't really buy that much but I just like some of them. It's easier for me to wear earrings than necklaces or bracelets. Plus, I don't want to pierce my ears again if the hole closes. I still remember how it felt - like my ears got stapled!!

My small collection of earrings. (sorry not very clear picture - took with my trusty handphone) The earring organiser was reviewed before here.

That's my small collection of earrings. I've stopped buying earrings for 2 years or so. Suddenly, I spotted an interesting one which got me buying again. Broke the hiatus of not-buying-earrings.

Oh well... what do you think? Not really cheap actually - RM10/pair. My friend commented that it looked cheaper than that. Sighhh...  (I think she's referring to those 3-pairs-for-RM10-earrings) But have to admit, the quality looks better than those. The earring hooks are thicker.

Earring 1 - This earrings got my attention... like some jumbled up wire mesh.

Earring 2: Wasn't really too keen on this one but just wanted a huge earring for a change. Lol. Maybe I should have gotten the longer dangly ones.

How does this look? Not so nice? Oh well...  the excitement of buying has worn off. Lol

Maybe I should take the time to make my own earrings. If only I had the patience and steady hands to make it.... (excuses!!)

Well, here's another attempt to arrange my earrings to make it more interesting to me. Lol  Can you see the difference? I was trying to add on the plastic "hangers" as usually done in the shops. Okay...okay.. I should get a better hobby than this. lol

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