Thursday, September 29, 2016


It has been a tumultuous motherhood journey for me these past 4 years.


As the date of delivery drew closer, this last pregnancy passed by in a split of a second. From going through vomiting every night for the past 7 months to occasional vomiting these past few weeks and bleeding in the gums, I have not really allowed myself to enjoy my final pregnancy.


Clinging to the initial sadness of the other spouse reluctant for another child made me rather resentful and bitter at first. I would look at other pregnant ladies in envy. When God finally granted my wish by allowing hubby to relent a little, everything just sailed by so fast. Luckily, I remembered to take some pregnancy photographs (hope they turn out great) to commemorate this pregnancy.


Baby no. 1 was a happy baby, in a nut shell. Baby no. 2 (or technically no. 3) is picky with food, active in moving and amazingly emotionally akin to mine (to hubby’s horror).


I can’t wait to meet you my dear and pray for our smooth delivery and good health. I will try to remember to play more music for you before you open your eyes to this world.


Meanwhile, I need to really plan my last month of spending 100% with my baby no. 1. Unfortunately for him, I have been neglecting him due to my fatigue and lethargy from this pregnancy and I hope he doesn’t resent baby no. 2.


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